The Basics of Repairing Your Sprinkler System in Denver

Keeping your lawn well irrigated need not be a hassle. You do not have to do it yourself with a garden hose. You could save yourself time and energy by installing an automatic sprinkler system. Unfortunately, such a system sometimes breaks down and needs maintenance in order to run efficiently. Here is an easy way that you can repair your sprinklers yourself or use a Denver sprinkler repair service.

A system that involves both plumbing and electricity can be intimidating to an untrained person. However, it should not because many systems use plastic pipes, which are easier to repair. The voltage of electricity serving this installation is also not dangerous because it is too low to harm you as a quality Denver sprinkler repair company will advise.

Power issues

To diagnose an electric problem, you will need a multimeter, which tests electric current. You would identify where the problem lies if there is zero or very low current. If you do not know how to use the gadget you should seek help from Colorado Sprinkler Service, a reputable sprinkler service company in Denver.

Sprinkler head

The sprinkler heads get broken occasionally, especially if you set them too high. They can be hit by cars or lawn mowers. You will notice cracks on the casing on the head that comes up to sprinkle water on your lawn. Other problems include the head failing to pop up at all, water failing to spray or spraying wildly. This requires replacing the head completely or the part that is not working. When doing the repair of the head, ensure that you buy the exact type that you are replacing.

Low water pressure

Sometimes the water might be coming out at very low pressure. This can affect the entire irrigation process. To solve this issue, you need to check the valves and ensure they are working properly. You could try to open the valves at backflow device. Another solution is to find and repair leaks to ensure all the water goes to where it is targeted. You can identify a leak when you see a depression, water bubbling from the ground or a patch of wetness. Check out for crushed pipes too, as they could be limiting the flow of water. Cutting it out and replacing the crushed part is the best way to repair.

If all this seems too overwhelming or if you do not have time to do it, you could always call a professional Denver sprinkler repair service such as Colorado Sprinkler Service. Technicians will diagnose the problem within no time, as they are trained to do such work and are experienced professionals.