Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpetCarpet cleaning is something that every homeowner has to think about from time to time. If you want your carpets to look good and last longer, follow these 10 carpet cleaning tips

1. Vacuuming your carpet at least three or four times a week helps to removes the daily build up of dirt and dust. If you have pets and/or children, vacuuming help to maintain a healthy living environment.

2. Removing unwanted stains can be very awkward, time consumer and quite expensive. The best advice would be to get to that spot before it becomes a stain. Carpet cleaning is most effective right after a spill.

3. Always remember to blot a stain and not to rub it! The key to removing a stain is to blot it with a damp cloth. Rubbing a stain will only push it deeper into the carpet, causing long term damage to the carpet fibers. This will make it virtually impossible to remove.

4. Stain Removal Tip – If you have a paled colored carpet and to spill a red wine or a cup of coffee a useful tip is to boil your kettle and pour the boiled water onto the stain. This is will dilute the stain and make it much easier to absorb it a tea towel.

5. As part of the cleaning process, place a think cloth on the stain and weight it down with a heavy object. Leave the cloth on the stain over night to remove the most amount of liquid.

6. Never use heat to dry a wet patch caused by a stain. After cleaning a carpet do not use an iron or hair dryer to dry the area, this will only serve to seal the stain to your carpet.

7. If a damp cloth has not removed your stain, it may be time to use some type of mild cleaning detergents. Always test a small area of the stain to evaluate whether this will be effective or not. Using stronger detergents may bleach or damage the carpet fibres.

8. Detergent which hasn’t been dried correctly will attract unwanted dirt. The left over residue from cleaning your carpet will act like a magnet and your carpets will appear dirty soon after cleaning.

9. Eliminate the dirt before it enters your home. Direct prevention, like placing a door mat by your front door, makes a huge difference in keeping your carpet clean. Asking your family and friends to remove their shoes when they enter your room will effectively reduce the amount of dirt entering your home.

10. Hiring a professional steam cleaner every year will help to keep your carpet looking fresh and help to remove unwanted stains. Carpet in high traffic areas will benefit from more frequent professional carpet cleaning.